The Living In Presence Course

A four week mindfulness course and group coaching hybrid from Melanie Whitney and Michael Galyon

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The Presence Problem:

You're taught to live in the future...

and that may be the cause of many of your problems. 


Yet, people find ways to move through life mindfully, living in the present moment. 

How do they do it? 

You spend nearly 47% of your waking hours thinking about something other than what you're doing and it's making you unhappy.  

Harvard psychologists, Dan Gilbert and Matthew Killingsworth, discovered that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind, even during unpleasant tasks! Meaning those who were able to stay present during unpleasant tasks reported higher levels of happiness. 

When you're operating in a world that teaches you to live a life for a "better future" it can be hard to digest the notion of "living in the now." It can feel impossible to live in the present moment when every day demands you plan for the following day, week, or even years to come. You try to be more aware of your thoughts and actions, but the obstacles are real.

Do any of these sound familiar? 

You Feel Overwhelmed By
Your Thoughts

How do people "turn off" their thoughts? You have tried to meditate in the past, but you felt it didn't do much for you. You find yourself worrying about the future or ruminating over the past.


You Are A "Perfectionist"

You have a strong desire for control and like for things to happen in a particular way. When things don't turn out as you expected, you struggle to adapt.


You Take Things Personally

You find it hard to ignore or dismiss what other people say about you. Allowing their thoughts and actions influence your mood and how you feel about yourself.


You Struggle To Communicate Your Needs

Communicating your thoughts and feelings is difficult when you are stuck inside your own head, worried about how they will respond.



Your Inner Critic
Is Judgmental

You find yourself passing judgement on yourself and others. Evaluating every action, leaving little room for mistakes or errors.


If so... 

Let us help with a step-by-step course for you to start living your life with more awareness.


In this course you'll learn to:

Understand the Thinking Mind

Learn how to observe your thoughts in the present moment as they occur and identify when judgment arises.

Reclaim Your Power

Distinguish the difference between thoughts and emotions rooted in the past, present, and future. 


Stay in Alignment

Identify when you are out of alignment and effectively use grounding exercises to anchor back into the present moment.


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Inside the Course

What's Included


Instructor-Led Video Course

Each module in this course will walk you through thee steps of learning to live in the present moment, from understanding where your thoughts come from, distinguishing the difference between past / present / future thinking, understanding your needs, and grounding exercises.

Guided Meditations

Take the guess work out of meditation and let us guide you through different styles of meditations / breathwork. Both video and audio options will be available to you.

Application Activities

Each week you'll be given an activity to implement which will assist you in applying the skills you've learned from the lesson. Some may require writing things down, others will simply require you to refocus attention throughout your day.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Each week (on Sundays) we  will collectively meet on a live Zoom call. During this hour you will have an opportunity to ask us questions, share your wins, and connect with others enrolled in the course.

Four Week Course

The Curriculum


Week 1: Deconstructing Your Thoughts

The world is a noisy place with tons of things pulling for your attention, both internally and externally. Understanding where these different expectations and pressures come from is our first step.

Week 2: Observing Your Mind

Change cannot occur until you understand your present patterns. You will learn to observe the mind while staying out of judgment.

Week 3: Awareness of the Body

Begin to understand the way your mind and body influence each other. Bringing awareness into your body often allows you to understand how you are feeling before your thinking mind can.

Week 4: Loving Kindness

You are taught how to judge, evaluate, and protect yourself at a very young age. Now it's time to learn how your self-talk impacts your emotional well-being.


Melanie Whitney

Melanie is a professional speaker and mindset coach who specializes in mindful communication. She has been a Communication Studies professor for over 10 years, helping people create more meaningful connections with the world around them. Melanie has spoken on the TEDx stage, traveled the world providing behavioral health trainings for the United States Navy, and facilitated workshops at numerous organizations.


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Michael Galyon

Michael is an ICF certified professional life and business coach on a mission to create a calmer, kinder, and more connected world. With a background in corporate leadership, education, and the creative arts, he brings a unique blend of calm and focus to his coaching that helps clients quickly zero in on the areas of their life or business that require a shift to put them in motion towards their goals.

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Who is This Course For?

Start living your life with intention .

Forget about passively learning through books, podcasts, and Instagram reels. Make the decision to start taking an active role in your personal development. We made this course specifically for those who want to:

  • Take accountability for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 
  • Have more meaningful relationships
  • Respond instead of react to life
  • Start investing in yourself the way you've invested in others
  • Build resilience to life's obstacles


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Workshop Replay 

We hosted a free workshop, Introduction to Presence. While this isn't footage of the actual workshop (we wanted to protect people's privacy), it is a recap on the content we delivered. If you're new to our work this may be a great way for you to sample our teaching styles. Grab a note pad and something to write with, click play, and enjoy.

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Here's What
People Are Saying...

"Michael provides a truly unique coaching experience that is life changing. He has an extraordinary way of connecting with people and tailoring guidance and feedback in a very personalized and empathetic manner that produce effective results."

-Kim B.

"Melanie presents information in a way that's digestible, relatable, and authentic. Her gentle but humorous approach makes you feel at ease. The activities were engaging, fun, and left me wanting to learn more."

Karina L.


"Michael has a gift. He has a magical gift of being able to bring the exact words that you need in the moment to your heart and the spirit of the project. He is not just a coach, he’s a complete support system."

-Cori A. 


"Melanie's has a way of building a community during her workshops. The exercises and lessons she incorporates are engaging, fun and thought-provoking. She meets people where they are at in their journey."

Sara B.

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Begin your way toward a more mindful way of living.

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A more mindful you is waiting on the other side. 


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