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An inward facing method of guidance that helps you develop kindness for yourself and the world around you and lead from a heart centered space.


A safe space for you to learn to come home to yourself and connect with a version of yourself free from the constraints of the past.


"Michael provides a truly unique coaching experience that is life changing." 

Kim B., Client and Corporate Leader

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A Little Bit About Me...



I'm an ICF certified professional coach and mindfulness teacher on a mission to create a calmer, kinder, and more connected world. With a background in corporate leadership, education, and the creative arts, I try and bring a unique blend of calm and focus to my coaching that helps clients quickly zero in on the areas of their life that require a shift and then work together to put them in motion towards a transformation in those areas. I bring a holistic approach to my coaching sessions and utilize the core energy coaching methodology, mindfulness, as well as guided mediation and a variety of development tools curated to fit the needs of each client. No two session are ever the same and I tend to show up and hold space for you in  whatever way you need me that day - I am a coach, a guide, a champion, a cheerleader, a confidant, and someone who firmly believes in you.

Beyond professional certifications and such (those are listed below) I live in New York in a cute little area of Brooklyn called Ft. Greene and have been here for the past 15 years. I have a degree in Music and still love to perform when possible and take in the art the city has to offer. I'm an avid traveler and love finding new areas of the world to explore. Beyond that, here are...

3 Random Fun Facts About Me: 

My first job was as a tour guide in a cave.

In fifth grade I was chosen to be the "peer mediator" on the playground and help kids resolve their conflicts. (my career path was clearly  written in the stars) 

I was a preschool teacher for years and owe most of my coaching and leadership skills to my time spent with 3 year olds. 

ICF Professional Certified Coach

(500+ hours)

International Coach Federation


Certified Mindfulness Instructor



Certified Professional Coach

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)


Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)


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